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Hello Strangers. Welcome to Amsterdam. Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring. Be courageous, as the streets and old houses of Amsterdam guard jealously stories about witches, demons, murder, ghosts, curses, executions, haunted convents, amongst other creepy stories.


My name is René Morteo, also known as Doctor M. M of Macabre, Mysterious, Magic, Masquerade, Moonlight, Monster, Malice, Murder and Madness…


I am a Mexican journalist and author of books Amsterdam’s Horrors. Let me show you the scariest spots of the city in a series of walking tours that unveil the darkest secrets of Amsterdam: Curious things… beyond the horror, many of these stories helped to shape the Amstel City. Are you intrigued?

English Tours

The Dreadfull Waters Tour

Be courageous and discover the dark secrets of Amsterdam’s ancient north border. The streets and old houses of this zone, guard stories about demons, murders, ghost sailors, curses, forgotten catacombs, and more.

Walking Tour | Approximately 1,5 hours
Price: € 17,50
Tour by Rene Morteo
Startingpoint: Schreierstoren, Prins Hendrikkade 94-95, 1012 AE Amsterdam


The Dark Ages Tour

There is no better way to explore the haunted side of this historical period of the city than via the entertaining, educational and supernatural stories of The Dark Ages Tours.

Walking Tour | Approximately 2,5 hours
Price: € 20
Tour by Rene Morteo
Startingpoint: De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR, Amsterdam


These tours are based on the books Amsterdam’s Horrors, Available here!

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