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The European Middle Ages is a historical period characterized by wars, social instability, fragmented power structures and deathly epidemics… and Amsterdam was not the exception to all these problems.


Amsterdam is a city born and forged during the Middle Ages — featuring hundreds of years of history steeped in the Catholic mystique. Actually, for many centuries, the City in the Amstel was a place of holly pilgrimage, and a vast area of the old town held a large number of nunneries, monasteries and religious associations. However, the Dutch Independence War was a conflict that not only confronted Dutch and Spaniards but Catholics versus Protestants.


There is no better way to explore the haunted side of this historical period of the city than via the entertaining and educational and supernatural The Dark Ages Tours.


Walking the south side of the old city center you can unveil the stories of miracles, saints, demonic possessions, and the gruesome stories of many ghost monks and nuns, the inquisition, and the witches’ trails.


You will walk around the Dam Square to the south part of the Red-Light District and the Spui Square to discover the mystery of the beheaded monk, the rebel beguine that defied the protestant government after her dead or follow the traces of forbidden love story of a priest and nun.


Dive into the city's history as it’s woven through real stories of misfortune, disasters, war and disease that have left ghosts and spirits walking among us on the old Amsterdam streets. So, this tour is enjoyable for those seeking scary legends but also for those history lovers.


The Dark Ages Tour is rooted in history and features historically accurate storytelling about the city. Unlike a theatrical fantasy tour relying on costumes and camp, this tour draws heavily on the drama of history. Discover interesting sites that you might otherwise pass without notice. 

The Tour Details

Tourguide: René Morteo
Price: €20

  • Starting point: De Waag, walking to some streets of the Red-Light District

  • Ending point: Dam Square

  • Around 12 stories

  • Estimated time: 2 hour and 30 minutes.

  • Tours operate rain or shine, please come prepared

  • There are no tours on festive days

The Dark Ages Tour

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