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This tour is designed for those that prefer short distances, but with plenty of information.


Known for its tolerance towards drugs and prostitution, Amsterdam is a city where spooky stories lurk around many streets of the ancient city centre… and you can experience them yourself! Come and discover Amsterdam’s horror stories on The Dreadful Waters Tour, filled with incredible storytelling about paranormal and haunted places in the north of the ancient city center, a place that used to be the barrier between the city, the river IJ and the South Sea.


Hear tales about demons, Islands of corpses, the ghosts of sailors from the past, forgotten crypts and curses and know the most infamous and eerie locations. By the end of the Dreadful Tour, you’ll see Amsterdam in a different (and profoundly more ominous) light.


You will walk around the Prins Hendrikkade and the Zeedijk –two of the oldest and significant streets in the city– to discover the ghost of Helena, so famous that even gave name to one street and uncover many haunted restaurants and bar of the city… and who knows? maybe —if you are lucky— you will have the chance to experience a paranormal encounter yourself.


Dive into the city's history as it’s woven through real stories of misfortune, disasters, war and disease that have left ghosts and spirits walking among us on the old Amsterdam streets. So, this tour is enjoyable for those seeking scary legends but also for those history lovers.


The Dreadful Waters Tour is rooted in history and features historically accurate storytelling about the city. Unlike a theatrical fantasy tour relying on costumes and camp, this tour draws heavily on the drama of history. Discover interesting sites that you might otherwise pass without notice.

The Tour Details

Tour Guide : Rene Mortéo
Price: € 17,50

  • Starting point: Schreierstoren, walking some streets of Prins Hendrikkade and along the Zeedijk

  • Ending point: Nieuwmarkt

  • Around 15 stories

  • Estimated time: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • Tours operate rain or shine, please come prepared

  • There are no tours on festive days

 The Dreadfull Waters Tour 

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